Multifunction top loading case packer Multifunction top loading case packer Top loading case packer : SD Top loading case packer : SD

Multi-function Top loading Case Packers : SD & FlexiCase®

  • Case forming, loading and sealing in a single, very compact unit
  • Speeds of up to 40 cases/minute
  • Best “speed/footprint/packaging size range” combination on the market

Product information

Developments in 2014

  • New kinematics for the sealing operation, reducing the overall machine length by 1100mm
  • Lightweight carbon and aluminum gripping tooling (beehive structure), reducing inertia during Pick & Place movements in order to integrate more compact gripping arms and to lower energy consumption
  • Retractable loading funnel for easy access to the cases at the loading station

Technical characteristics

  • Case packing solution designed with completely modular mechanical and control system architecture
  • Various product handling systems possible depending on the speed and the product, with the choice of sequential (stop & go) or continuous technology
  • Compact and positive vertical case forming system
  • Sealing of top flaps (using glue or adhesive tape) with case squaring guaranteed
  • Solution equipped with 16 servo-motors in total, including 6 for the forming operation and 3 for the sealing operation
  • Cantilever structure for walk-in access into the heart of the machine


  • Case magazine at an ergonomic level of 900mm to facilitate reloading by the operator
  • Multi-case loading (from 1 to 4 most frequently) to reduce the loading speed and consequently limit hazards during the critical phases of product gripping, transfer and loading into the packaging
  • Precise and smooth product gripping: optional integration of the Cermex AN gantry packer and ER20 Pick & Place arm, or any third party polyarticulated robot
  • Structure with completely independent subassemblies to facilitate machine operation and maintenance
  • Ergonomic Human/Machine Interface with an input menu per module


  • Automation and control architecture developed in compliance with the OMAC standard (OMAC (Organization for Machine Automation and Control)
  • Payload: from 20kg to 160kg (products and tooling)
  • Speed: up to 40 cases per minute depending on the product characteristics
  • 2 versions available: small size range for cosmetic bottles and large size range for detergent bottles
  • Options: Remote maintenance kit, anticorrosion pack, automation of format changeovers, green packs to reduce air and power consumption

Top benefits

  • Case forming, loading and sealing on a single machine
  • Fully accessible machine
  • Increased mechanical performance
  • Compact and ergonomic design at each station

Technical characteristics

  • Low case magazine positioned parallel to the product infeed, making the machine even more compact and ergonomic.
  • Separate case extraction, forming and transfer modules to improve case quality and squaring.


  • Cantilever design of the case transfer mechanism for direct access into the machine at floor level.
  • New generation of numerical axes for loading (support mast and case driving system) designed to reach higher speeds and guarantee smooth and controlled movements.
  • Case outfeed optimized in order to reduce the machine footprint.
  • Quick size changeovers.


  • Innovative design incorporating sliding safety guards.
  • Payload: up to 55 kg with tooling depending on products and loading stroke.
  • Speed: up to 28.5 cases per minute depending on the type of products and collations.
  • Product and case size ranges available on request.
  • Option: product and batch control by vision system.

Product packing

  • Stocking of blanks in a flat magazine with chains, advancing mechanically with stabilizing guide.
  • Extraction, positioning at the forming station and positive erection of the blank by a module made up of two arms fitted with suction cups with rotating and transfer movements (operations carried out alternately in concurrent operation time).
  • Flap deflection and guiding of the batch of products into the case by a rotating loading funnel.
  • Transfer of the batch into the case on 2 combined horizontal and vertical numerical axes.
  • Folding and holding of inner flaps.
  • Progressive folding of the longitudinal flaps during the transfer phase.

Hot-melt version

  • Motorized transfer of the cases (held square) by mechanical shuttle with speed control for even application of glue strips.
  • Pressure applied evenly to case sides to ensure gluing and squaring of the case prior to outfeed.

Adhesive tape version

  • Motorized transfer of the cases (held square) by mechanical shuttle.
  • Positive transfer of the case by motorized belts for sealing by applying adhesive tape, integrated into the machine frame.

3D Animations:
Multi-function top loading case packer : FlexiCase®
(440.46 kB)
Top loading case packer with combined functions : SD
(224.40 kB)

To view those animations you need Acrobat Reader 9 or higher, you can download it at the Adobe web site"




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