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Drop packer for flexible products : E355

  • Adapted to flexible products
  • Reliable product infeed
  • Controlled case filling

Product information

Technical characteristics

  • Products fed in on a retractable belt conveyor at increased speed to avoid product accumulation.
  • Product rows formed on the “bomb doors” of the collation table by controlling the infeed belt.
  • Product collation in the case determined by the position of the case at the loading station.


  • Compact machine / small footprint.
  • Optional rejection of incorrectly filled cases.


  • Speeds of up to 60 cycles per minute depending on the application.
  • Quick format changeovers.
  • Product and case size ranges available on request.

Product transfer and collation

  • Transfer of spaced out products on a smooth low-profile band conveyor running at a higher speed than the upstream conveyor (the products are to be spaced out upstream on a separate conveyor).
  • Successive retractions of the end of the belt above the loading table in order to position the products with or without overlapping.

Product packing

  • Transfer of accumulated empty cases on a motorized conveyor.
  • Selection and isolation of an empty case under the loading station by retractable end stops.
  • Case positively positioned between guides assembled on a mobile support so that it can be shifted from one side to the other if two stacks of products are to be loaded side by side.
  • Products loaded by the simultaneous opening of two articulated trap doors. By shifting the case for each cycle, the products are loaded as per the required collation.
  • Transfer of the full case to the control station.
  • Descent of a plate to check the case filling level and guarantee flaps can be correctly folded.

3D Animations:
Drop packer : E355
(130.96 kB)

To view those animations you need Acrobat Reader 9 or higher, you can download it at the Adobe web site"
Drop packer : E355
(217.66 kB)  





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