Case gluer Case gluer Case gluer Case gluer

Case gluers : C6

  • Flaps folded in line
  • Guaranteed squaring of the case
  • Extensive size range capability

Product information
Ready to Go range


  • For low to high speed lines.
  • Top or top and bottom flap gluing.
  • Internal flaps precisely folded by a fixed guide and an articulated arm, then evenly glued.
  • External flaps folded progressively.
  • Pressure applied evenly to the sealed case.
  • Extensive size range.


  • Compact machine.
  • Continuous case transfer.
  • Versatile layout.


  • Robust design.
  • Quick size changeovers.
  • Capacity to handle small to big RSC
  • Speed: 100 cases/min.
  • Rotating folding arm for high speeds.

Plus Points

  • 3 weeks delivery time
  • Compact & clean design , efficient
  • Flaps folded in line
  • Inner flap folding guaranteed
  • Accurate hot-melt gluing (Nordson ProBlue7)
  • Centralized adjustments points for quick format changeovers
  • Siemens PLC & HMI

RSC cases characteristics

  • Normal flaps as FEFCO 0201
  • Simple fluted cardboard as type E, B, C
  • Minimal weight : 3 kg, counter pressure necessary
  • Length (L) : 200/550 mm
  • Width (B) : 150/350 mm
  • Height (H) : 150/360 mm

Possible optionals

  • Detection of unglued flaps
  • Doubling of principle commands panel
  • Handling of double fluted cardboard as EB,EC.
  • Automatic filling of glue tank with 'Nordson fulfill'
  • IT type of neutral

3D Animations:
Case gluer : C644
(156.41 kB)
Case gluer : C651
(153.19 kB)

To view those animations you need Acrobat Reader 9 or higher, you can download it at the Adobe web site"
Case gluer : C6
(328.10 kB)  
Case gluer_ Ready to Go range
(621.94 kB)  





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