Case erector Case erector Case erector Case erector

Case erectors : F3

  • High speed
  • Positive running and flexible
  • More than 1800 machines sold

Product information
Ready to Go range

Technical characteristics

Extensive size and speed range.

Horizontal or side loading RSC case erector.

Several case sizes can be handled on the same machine (multiple case magazines).

Various options depending on requirements: interface, gluing method, automatic size changeovers, etc.

Speed: up to 70 cases per minute depending on the format.


  • Positive case extraction.
  • Precise case forming.
  • Inner flap folding guaranteed.
  • Accurate hot-melt gluing and case squaring.
  • American cases (RSC), half cases, cases with special flaps and pre-joined display cases can all be handled on this machine.
  • High speed.


  • Cantilever design offering easy access.
  • Centralized adjustment points to ensure quick format changeovers.
  • Low case magazine to facilitate loading.

Functional description

  • Positive extraction of case blanks from a sloping magazine or a flat belt magazine, 2500mm long.
  • Erection and squaring of the static case by rotating arm and lower support ramp.
  • Deflection of the long flaps prior to folding of inner flaps.
  • Sequential or motorized transfer of blanks (held square) by mechanical shuttle with speed control for the even application of glue strips.
  • Pre-folding of the long flaps whilst case is stationary, followed by progressive folding during transfer.
  • Application of even pressure to the static case, squaring the case prior to outfeed.

Plus points

  • 6 weeks delivery time
  • Compact & clean design , efficient
  • Positive case extraction
  • Inner flap folding guaranteed
  • Accurate hot-melt gluing (Nordson ProBlue7)
  • Siemens PLC & HMI

US cases characteristics

  • Normal flaps as FEFCO 0201
  • Simple fluted cardboard as type E, B, C
  • Length (L) : 230/500 mm
  • Width (B) : 150/340 mm
  • Height (H) : 150/400 mm
  • Flap (R) : 75/170 mm with L+B 380/800 mm and H+R : 280/550 mm

Possible optionals

  • Handling of double fluted cardboard as EB, EC
  • Doubling of principle commands panel
  • Detection of unglued flaps
  • Flat belt magazine for blanks with  a 1500 mm length (instead of 2500 mm)
  • Automatic filling of glue tank with “Nordson Fullfill”
  • IT type of neutral

3D Animations:
Case erector
(105.90 kB)

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Case erector
(611.59 kB)  
Case erector_Ready to Go range
(196.09 kB)  





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