Industrial vision system Industrial vision system Industrial vision system Industrial vision system

Industrial Vision System

  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy to adapt to a new product
  • Associating robot guidance functions with quality control functions

Product information


  • The vision system ascertains, on-the-fly, the product position and orientation on the conveyor, then transfers its coordinates (x, y and rotation) to the case packing robot.
  • It also identifies whether the product is right side up and detects appearance defects  (dimensions, colour, leakage) as well as the presence and position of markings (expiry date, promotional sticker, etc.).
  • It can also check the presence of a cap, a leaflet in the case and the correct number of products in the case.
  • Verification of compliance (presence / absence)
  • Dimensional control (length, width, diameter, angle, geometry, color)
  • Counting and sorting
  • Detection, localization and tracking a path for robotics: tracking for robot guidance
  • Identification (OCR / OCV or recognition and verification)

It also carries 3D control with laser scanners (height position detection and bottle in boxes counting)


  • Programming of controls by training outside production (work on or off line)
  • Remote maintenance possible
  • Simple and ergonomic user interface


  • Insensitive to light intensity variations
  • Tolerant to geometrical distortions (when handling flexible packaging for instance)
  • Processing speed: < 40 milliseconds for an object and two sides
  • Manages partially concealed views
  • Images saved
  • Format changeover : 0 seconds

Industrial vision
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Industrial Vision (German)
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