Side loading case packing and palletizing Side loading case packing and palletizing Side loading case packing and palletizing Side loading case packing and palletizing

Combined Side-Loading Case Packing and Palletizing unit : SW+P5

  • Case forming, side loading, sealing and palletization in an easily-accessible combined unit
  • Compact footprint - Enhanced ergonomics and safety
  • Speed: up to 13 cases/min

Product information

Case forming, loading, sealing

  • Same case automation module for both RSC and wrap around blanks.
  • Patented case extraction system.
  • Improved operator access to the case handling part, in particular the loading station.


  • Overall machine height reduced and visibility/appearance improved by using a telescopic mast.
  • SecurBox®: transparent sliding cubicle enabling the operator to evacuate a loaded pallet safely without stopping the machine cycle while palletization continues on the second station.


  • Speed: up to 13 cases per minute depending on the type of products and their collations for case loading.
  • Payload: up to 12kg with tooling.
  • Versatility: 1, 2 or 3-station model with optional pallet gripping, layer card insertion, etc.

3D Animations:
Combines side loading case packing and palletizing unit
(495.47 kB)

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