Compact High-Speed Shrink-Wrappers for plastic bottles Compact High-Speed Shrink-Wrappers for plastic bottles Compact High-Speed Shrink-Wrappers for plastic bottles Compact High-Speed Shrink-Wrappers for plastic bottles

Compact High-Speed Shrink-Wrapper for plastic shaped bottles : TW

  • Bottle infeed on 1, 2 or 3 lanes
  • Film injection table on a removable rack for optimal access
  • Compact shrink tunnel with low electrical consumption

Product information


  • High-speed seamless shrink-wrapping in a compact footprint.
  • Compact table, on a sliding rack to facilitate access to the film circuit and knife.
  • Capacity of handling stable and unstable shaped plastic bottles.

Technical characteristics

  • Possible to handle products in pucks.
  • Batch selection by Pick & Place system for smooth and accurate collation.
  • Product turning possible prior to shrink-wrapping.
  • Print registered film.
  • Possible to function on two tracks.
  • Reduced operating height.
  • Reliable lapping.
  • Total access to the injection table by lateral extraction of the rack.


  • Compact footprint.
  • Quick and easy format changeovers.
  • Speed: up to 330 products/min.

Placing of products by 2-axis gantry

  • Picking and placing of a product batch by a customized gripping head.
  • Transfer of the complete batch onto the motorized table on 2 combined horizontal and vertical numerical axes.

180° rotator

  • Gripping of the row of products directly in the pucks by individual grippers with products tightened together.
  • Placing of the tightened row in a tipping device fitted with individual grippers.
  • 180° rotation of the device and placing of the spaced-out rows onto the motorized conveyor by means of vertical servo-driven movements.
  • Rotating device manually removable for handling formats with no tipping.

Film feeding and cutting, product lapping

  • Unwinding of film reels by motorized holders.
  • Film reel support located outside the machine.
  • Unwinding of the film between anti-static bars and feeding towards the injection table.
  • To simplify reel changeovers, the end of the used film is spliced with the start of the film on the next reel by a thermal sealing bar.

Injection table

  • Film feed by rubber-coated rollers.
  • Film cutting by servo-driven rotating knife (cold-cut blade).
  • Film injection under the products by rubber-coated rollers.
  • Continuous lapping of film around the products (motorized flight bar system).
  • Detection of a spot or mark on the film design to ensure cutting at the printing pitch.






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