Automatic shrink wrappers with manual loading Automatic shrink wrappers with manual loading Automatic shrink wrappers with manual loading Automatic shrink wrappers with manual loading

Automatic Shrink-Wrappers with manual loading : Flexible

  • Ideal solution for contract packing or mixed product collations
  • Ability to handle all types of products, even unstable ones
  • Continuous functioning with or without sealing bar

Product information

This Flexible range is the ideal solution for those who require semi-automatic shrink wrapping machinery, which combines manual loading with automatic shrink-wrapping, either with or without a traveling sealing bar.

Shrink-wrapping with sealing bar

  • Traveling sealing bar and pre-feeding of film.
    • Bar movement guaranteeing continuous shrink-wrapping with no halting, nor jolting.
    • Improved stability of unstable and light-weight products when the sealing bar descends by controlling the film feed.
  • Single metal square bar conveyor.
    • Single product conveyor from the machine infeed through to the out feed.
    • No transfer zones for increased product stability.
    • Less risk of products falling or the batch separating.
    • Loading from each side of the machine.
    • Various lengths of loading extension available.
  • Multi-pitch and dancing roller.
    • Product detection and automatic adjustment to the size and collation (dancing roller).
    • Sealing bar cycle adapted to the batch length (multi-pitch).
  • 90° film reel  holder.
    • More flexibility in machine layout.
    • Quick, ergonomic film reel changeovers by the operator.

Without sealing bar

  • No visible seal.
  • Printed film for direct marketing.
    • Advertising support for all type of packs thanks to print registered film.
    • Promotional tool, for limited series and sampling.
    • Improved packaging identification on the shelf as well as in the stockroom.
  • Manual product infeed extension.
    • Elevated infeed conveyor for easy product loading.
    • Adjustable batch guide for simple loading (products positioned against a stop).
    • Extension of 2000 mm for infeed of products by 1 to 4 operators.
    • Loading from both sides of the machine.
  • Increased flexibility, handling of all types of products (thanks to manual product loading) and creation of a wide variety of batches (even with different products).
  • Adjustable lapping system.
  • Film injection table.
    • Positive handling, the film is constantly held between rubber rollers.
    • Anti-static generator and bars to neutralize electrostatic charges.
  • Shrink tunnel.
    • Effective control of the temperature by regulator.
    • Several settings to accurately adjust the intensity, direction and height of the hot air flow.
    • Turbine at the tunnel out feed to guarantee film cooling and stabilization.

Easy-open pack

  • Film perforation system with no reduction in speed
  • Finished pack easily ripped open

Dual lanes

  • Productivity doubled at the same speed
  • Quick and easy implementation

Anti-static bars

  • Neutralization of electrostatic charges around the bar
  • Elimination of attraction between materials

Change to a fully-automatic line

  • Versatile solution for upgrade via an easy-to-install retrofit kit
  • Numerous selecting systems available to suit the type and shape of products

3D Animations:
Shrink wrapping without sealing bar : TS Range
(816.36 kB)
TS Range : seamless dual lane tunnel
(1.41 MB)
TSF Range : seamless tunnel
(817.25 kB)

To view those animations you need Acrobat Reader 9 or higher, you can download it at the Adobe web site"





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