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Empty container air conveying

  • A full range to accomodate your layout and product characteristics
  • Total product care
  • Bottle specifications: diameter from 45 to 115mm, under-neck diameter from 24.5 to 46.5mm


Flexibility to layout

  • Plenums: straight, curves, slopes
  • Floor, wall or aerial supports
  • Bottle train formation for conveying or switching

Flexibility to formats and products

  • Solutions for simple and fast format changeovers
  • Automatic or manual adjustment of under-neck and lateral guides
  • Different configuration of guides available, flexibility for future formats
  • User-friendly and preconfigured control panel for format selection (automatic guides)
  • Simple format pre-settings easily accessible through the panel view
  • Quick format changeover blow molder interface
  • Automatic or manual bottle ejection :
    • Protection of critical machine from backed-up jamming
    • Direct silo feeding
    • Sampling at filter infeed

Ergonomic design

  • Easy clip and slide neck rail replacement
  • Removable convex top cover with integrated cable tray
  • Optimum cleanability design and materials
  • Removable deck for inside cleaning

Total air purity control for product care

  • Air filtration: gravimetric pre-filtration (F5), high efficiency opacimetric filtration (F8), HEPA absolute filtration (H12)
  • Air tightness: over-pressure for controlled air flow, connecting flange securing air tight plenum to plenum coupling, side or full cover providing a confined atmosphere


  • Dry lubrication for under-neck guide: higher performance and energy savings
  • Improved reliability, very low friction coefficient
  • 20% decrease in drive electricity consumption of the ventilation columns
  • Improved lifespan of the under-neck guides
  • Lubricant approved by food-processing standards


A full range to accomodate your layout and product characeristics

  • Bottle specifications
    • Diameter from 45 to 115 mm
    • Under-neck diameter from 24.5 to 46.5 mm
  • Plenums
    • Straight : 300 to 3 000 mm
    • Curves : 15 to 90°, radius 900 mm
    • Slopes : 5 to 15°, radius 5 000 mm
  • Floor, wall or aerial supports
  • Bottle train formation for conveying or switching

Precise air flow system for controlled and smooth bottle accumulations

  • Automatic regulation of air flow to machine speed and conveyor occupation rate
  • Manual register for fine pressure adjustment to limit turbulence
  • Automatic register for immediate pressure adjustment to defined constraints

Laning solutions for flexible line configurations

  • Distribution: 1>2, 1>3, 2>2
  • Grouping: 2>1, 3>1
  • Up to 80.000 bottles / hour on 3 ways
  • Optimum reliability: short run, low inertia
  • One single shear zone
  • Optimum air-tightness
  • Side rails with possible automatic format changeover
  • Optimized running principle :
    • Reduction of mass inertia in motion
    • One single shear zone
    • Reduction of the dead area increasing speed

Automatic guide adjustment

  • Full flexibility - Versatile for future formats
  • Suitable for most common bottle formats
  • Suitable for shaped or deformable bottles


  • Precise and automatic adaptation of side guides to bottle body size
  • Automatic format changeover in less than 1 minute
  • No bridge handling or mechanical intervention, even for curves
  • Simple format pre-settings
  • Pre-settings easily accessible through the operator panel


  • Small deviation angle during transfer
  • Integration of system inside the conveyor
  • Completely waterproof drive mechanism


  • Simple mechanical solution without pneumatic jack
  • Limited drive requirement
  • Easy part supply, low number of components compared to pneumatic solutions

Height adjustment (option)

  • Precise and reliable height adjustment
  • Simple and flexible format changeover
  • Extended outfeed with stainless steel under-neck guide



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