Dual belt cap feeder Dual belt cap feeder Dual belt cap feeder Dual belt crown feeder

Dual belt feeders : Aidlin 18-18 and Aidlin 18-18CR

  • High flexibility cap feeding for multi-product lines
  • Optimum reliability while preserving cap integrity and cleanliness
  • Fast changeovers

Product information


  • Flat caps :
    • Same belt
    • No adjustment or minor and quick setting of the speed bump
    • Upper cover automatic adjustment
  • Flat caps, sport caps and crowns :
    • Change of belt and chute
    • Dual Belt Cap Feeder: format changeover via a simple switch in less than 1 minute
    • 2 parallel cap feeders
  • Different glass bottles formats:
    • Multi-format productions with mobile capping unit
    • Automatic telescopic chute for intervention-free and reliable adaptation to all bottle formats


  • Output:
    • up to 60,000 caps per hour, 45,000 for sport caps
    • up to 66,000 crowns per hour
  • Size range: 
    • diameter from 20 mm to 120 mm
    • Speeds:   up to 2,000 cpm (1,000 cpm for sports caps)
  • Standard hopper autonomy: up to 25,000 for flat caps, (13,000 for sport caps)

“Flip-of-switch” changeover in less than 1 minute

Protecting your caps

  • Cap integrity
    • Suitable for fragile or thin-walled closures
    • Baffle plate over belt bears full weight of cap bulk
    • Quality control: ejection systems for caps that are missing the tamperproof ring and for upside-down caps
  • Cap hygiene
    • Waterfall technology creating no dust
    • Remote feeding with flat Top air conveyor
    • Air dedusting device
    • Secure front access door for hopper maintenance and cleaning
    • Total accessibility and use of durable materials (PET, stainless steel) to simplify cleaning
    • High Hygiene options:
      - positive pressure in hopper, 0.01 micron filtration at ejection
      - HEPA filtration of Flat Top air columns
      - raised hopper and under-chassis protection


  • Easy integration
    • Remote placement from capper through Flat Top air conveyor
    • Low space requirements
  • Operational autonomy
    • Pre-feeding solutions
    • Large capacity hopper available
    • Low-level and blockage detection system in the hopper and ejector
  • Ergonomy
    • Cap replenishment at safe floor level and chest height
    • Tool-free adjustment of the speed bump



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