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Robotic Down Bottle Removing System: SecurFlow®

  • High-performance detection system capable of identifying and removing a fallen bottle in the middle of product flow
  • Very compact and autonomous patent-pending system with Plug & Play installation in bottling lines
  • 99.5% efficiency for speeds up to 130 000 bottles/hour with reduction in downtime and improvement of overall equipment and complete line efficiency

Product information


SecurFlow® detects fallen bottles and removes them from the conveyor without disrupting product flow

  • 6-axis poly-articulated robot with customized gripping tooling
  • Ideal for unstable, glass/PET bottles and jars that are lightweight or with complex shapes
  • Very quick installation on an existing line and short return on investment compared to the cost of completely re-engineering the conveying systems
  • Integration into 90% of standard bottling lines on any type of accumulation conveyor
  • Major advantage for existing lines as well as high-speed lines with efficiency targets greater than 92%

Technical characteristics

  • 6-axis polyarticulated robot with a wide working envelope
  • Unique tooling for gripping all packaging formats
  • User-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Automatic format changeovers

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