Full container mechanical transport Full container mechanical transport Full container conveying Full container conveying

Transport conveying solutions

  • Conveying solutions for a large scope of products
  • Suitable for various industries, materials, shapes and formats
  • Output: up to 160.000 containers per hour

Product information


  • Industries: Beverage, Food, Home & Personal Care, Chemicals, Pharmaceutics…
  • Materials: plastic bottles (PET, PEHD, PVC…), glass bottles, metal cans, beverage cartons, plastic and glass jars…
  • Shapes: round, oval, square, rectangular…
  • Formats: from 15 to 300 cl.

A full range of product handling conveyor modules

  • Single track and multi tracks
  • Single file and mass conveying
  • Straight and curves conveyors with angle 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°
  • Parallel and perpendicular transfers
  • Conveying supports: acetal or stainless steel slat chains, flat top modular belt or flush grid

Sustainable drive

  • Integrated concept: decentralized mechatronic drive with reducer and inverter
  • 30 % energy saving vs a standard motor gear
  • Payback between 1 or 2 years depending of the KW cost
  • Less references for maintenance warehouse
  • Less wiring: 1 cable for power supply and control
  • Auto-diagnosis to prevent any stop
  • Better hygiene


  • Wet lubrication: optimized system for reduced water and lubricant consumption
  • Dry lubrication: up to 8 times less water

Conveying solution
(1,010.98 kB)  





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