Universal single file accumulation : AQ-File Universal single file accumulation : AQ-File

Universal single file accumulation : AQ-File

  • Universal single file accumulation - Low and medium speeds
  • Suitable for various industries, materials, shapes and formats
  • Empty and filled containers

Product information

  • Universal single file accumulation
  • Any industrial sector: beverages, wine & spirits, liquid dairy products, oil, food, home and personal care…
  • All container shapes and materials (plastic, glass, metal, carton) from round to non-round
  • Empty and filled containers
  • Low and medium speeds

Easy to operate

  • As reliable and easy to operate as a conveyor
  • Easy and immediate adjustment of accumulation size to production needs
  • Immediate FIFO discharge of the products for a continuous running of the line
  • Mechanical efficiency > 99%
  • Full accessibility for operations: no side protection or fencing
  • All access from floor level (height 1,100 mm)
  • Excellent visibility of containers
  • Non obstructed floor level

Flexibility to layout constraints and accumulation needs

  • Up to 3 modules in parallel on the same structure
  • Modular length, intermediates modules of 1300 mm and 1950 mm
  • From 10 to 50 meters of accumulation
  • Flat, open and adjustable design

Easy integration

  • Fully modular assembly
  • Interface compatible with any single lane conveyor
  • Full Plug & Play solution, easy installation and start-up


  • Nearly no limitation in types of package shape and size
  • Format changeovers with minimum settings
  • No changeover for formats with a width delta smaller than 10 mm
  • Low changeover time, 15 minutes max. for higher format delta
  • Optional full automatic changeovers

Easy to maintain

  • Low friction and mechanical constraints
  • Full accessibility to all conveyor parts
  • Very few number of wear parts
  • Limited number of drives
  • Communality of parts with standard conveyor range
  • Compliance with common mechanical and electrical technical standards
  • Very low maintenance costs





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