Pressureless accumulation : AQ-Max Pressureless accumulation : AQ-Max Pressureless accumulation : AQ-Max Pressureless accumulation : AQ-Max

Pressure less accumulation : AQ-Max

  • Large capacity and low pressure accumulation
  • Optimum reliability thanks to an open design and a simple running principle

Product information

Optimum accumulation ratio

  • Great accumulation capacities in a compact space
  • Nearly 100% of the table surface used for accumulation


  • No more risk of bottlenecks or congestion of upstream and downstream conveyors
  • No risk of bottle stagnation on the accumulation table
  • Open design for easy access and maintenance
  • Fast and pressureless table discharge thanks to the combination of side chain speed modulation and balanced table proportions
  • Short recovery times thanks to the table short size


  • For glass, plastics and metal containers
  • Particularly suitable for PET bottles: bottles do not stick nor get out of shape
  • Handles round and non-round products without mechanical changes
  • Handles multi-format without changeover settings
  • Easy integration in any type of line whether new or existing thanks to the compactness and the modularity of the table

Gentle product handling

  • No significant pressure on the products nor on the guide rails thanks to a natural mechanical regulation of the containers
  • No jamming or abrasion thanks to the proportions and the low pressure of the table

Specific integrated configurations

  • AQ-Line: integration of an AQ-Max and a combiner in a compact U shape for small footprint
  • AQ-CR: integration of an AQ-Max with a crater infeed for a reliable and pressureless infeed of the crater corridors





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