Accumulation in lanes : AQ-Lane Accumulation in lanes : AQ-Lane

Accumulation in lanes : AQ-Lane

  • Compact accumulation in multiple lanes - Space-saving alternative
  • Preserved product shape orientation
  • Replaces combining and laning devices

Product information


  • Particularly suited to difficult bottle with facing (orientation needed), easy round bottle
  • Bottles sizes: short side from 50 up to 110 mm, long side from 55 up to 150 mm
  • FIFO: 100%
  • Mechanical efficiency: 99.9%
  • Speed : from 23.000 to 60.000 bottles per hour


  • Easy changeovers
  • No guide adjustment on the AQ-Lane
  • Simple adjustment at the infeed and outfeed of the AQ-Lane


  • No guide adjustment
  • Regulation ensured by a  multi-motor driving module

Easy maintenance

  • Simple conveyor design
  • No additional operation compared to standard conveying applications.
  • All spare parts above 6,000 hours of lifetime


  • Required power: only 9kW
  • Full electrical solution, no water, no compressed air


Only 30m² for 30 000 bottles per hour,  bottle diameter 90mm, 90 second accumulation + 300 bottles discharge

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