Medium speed mechanical filler for cans Can infeed on mechanical filler Starcans MS filling technology Low/medium speed can filling applications

Medium speed mechanical filler: Starcans MS

  • Ideal for low/medium speed can filling applications
  • High product flexibility
  • Proven reliable mechanical solution

Product information
Filling technology

Starcans MS embodies Gebo’s many years of experience in beverage can filling.

Starcans MS was developed with product versatility in mind. Based on proven technology, this machine fills a wide variety of products: beer, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, sports drinks and teas.

In the hot fill configuration, it is equipped with a recirculation system that ensures constant product temperature, even during downtime

Main features

  • Low to medium speed
  • Reliable and simple mechanical construction
  • High performance and top-quality filling
  • User-friendly with reduced maintenance requirements
  • Flexible: the machine can handle a wide range of products (including sensitive products) in all can formats
  • Can be equipped with product recovery and recirculation for hot filling
  • Easy to sanitize
  • Easy access for interventions
  • Designed to be interfaced with various brands and models of seamers

Starcans MS virtually eliminates can damage. Cans are placed on a platform and centered pneumatically. As a result, pressure on the containers is always controlled. Filling quality is ensured with a separate CO2 chamber to pre-flush cans. The product level control in the central product tank, has been simplified, achieved with a single electronic level probe.

Carbonated beverages

The quality of filling is guaranteed by pre-flushing cans through a separate chamber and with independent pressure adjustment. In this way there is almost absolutely no air inside the can during filling. Once pressure equilibrium between tank and can is reached, the valve opens automatically. Product flows into the can until it reaches the vent tubes. Then the filling valve closes and the decompression process begins.


To ensure product quality, it is crucial to minimize oxygen during filling.

To achieve this:

  • Cans are thoroughly flushed prior to filling,
  • A continuous CO2 flow maintains constant (99%) atmosphere in the product tank.

Sensitive beverages

When hot filling (fruit juices, sports drinks and teas, etc) a recirculation system guarantees constant temperature in all conditions. Product is recollected in a special dedicated tank and recirculated into the processing system.

Clean In Place (CIP)

The filler has been designed to be cleaned and sanitized in a closed loop using false cans assembled to the filling valves.

All internal areas in contact with the product are sanitized during the CIP.

Starcans MS
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