Performance Audits

Our diagnostic visits, performed by highly experienced product specialists, are designed to help you restore individual pieces of equipment to their original condition.

  • Standardized format by equipment: short, sharp and straight to the point.
  • Recommendations are strictly fact based.
  • We can quickly support the follow-up actions you select.


Our line performance audits provide you with the next level of insight on how to optimize your asset performance.

  • Global approach to understand how all elements of your production line affect performance.
  • Specific audits on energy consumption, shocks and pressure , set-up times…
  • Full audit report based on data driven recommendations and computerized simulations.


Thanks to our unique know-how concerning line integration, our line audits can be done on any installation whether it was provided by us or by others.

  • Generic approach which is applicable to any packaging line.
  • Highly experienced auditors trained to quickly identify your major improvement opportunites.
  • Ability to intervene in most places around the world.




Audit Service

Our expertise

Not only we supply Line Improvement Engineering, we also provide a complete range of Services and Line engineering skills.

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