Measurement tools

Unless you measure something, you don’t know if it’s getting better or worse.

  • Measurement is the only way to know where you really are.
  • Measurement is what allows you to know where you will get the biggest return on your investment in continuous improvement activities.
  • Measurement is how you know if your actions are generating the required results.

Measuring the right things, in the right way, is vital to getting buy-in from stakeholders.

  • We insure that what you measure is aligned with your business goals.
  • The language and terms we use are adapted to the operating culture of your business.
  • All parts of your organization can get the information they need in the format they require.

Our fully customizable Efficiency Improvement Tool™ (EITTM) is the most complete package on the market for high quality data acquisition and treatment.

  • Different EITTM versions available depending on your needs: Databox, Light & Standard.
  • EITTM is designed to capture and process data from any vendor's equipment.
  • You can generate an almost infinite variety of reports at any level of detail you require.
Efficiency Improvement Tool™
Our expertise

Not only we supply Line Improvement Engineering, we also provide a complete range of Services and Line engineering skills.

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