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In a complex industry where know-how is everything, Gebo Cermex is formed from the union of two strong brands, Gebo & Cermex, gathering packaging line engineering experience across a range of market segments from beverages and food to pharmaceuticals, via home and personal care.  For over half a century, our experts have improved the performance of production and packaging lines in some of the most demanding industries.

Gebo Cermex corporate brochure


 Corporate brochure

Make our expertise your asset
  • Leadership in material handling solution and equipment design, manufacturing and integration and complete packaging line engineering.
  • Half a century experience.
  • Profound know-how.
  • A people-centric organization focused on achieving sustainable financial and business success while impacting positively on the lives of the people we work with and we work for.
  • Highly skilled and passionate employees.
  • More than 37,000 equipment & systems installations.
  • Over 20 commercial & manufacturing sites in all major regions around the world.
  • 1800 employees.

No other company in the market comes close to matching us in terms of the depth and scope of our expertise. That is why we are best suited to take your packaging line performance to the next level and make you first in line!

Gebo Cermex
5-7 Rue du Commerce
67116 Reichstett, France



+33 (0) 388 183 850

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